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13th January 2010

3:58pm: Happy Sankranthi all...
Festivals are more exciting these days because they are all the firsts for my lil kid, that too Sankranthi is still more special because we are all set at home to distribute eLLu with my son :) I remember my childhood, this was the most loved festival of all because we both sisters used to get dressed with reshme langa and carry eLLu and other things to all neighbors and relatives in the evening. There used to be a big fight in the morning as to who gets to go to bathroom first and who wears the new dress first!!! It was only those days, but as we grew up all that was gone. Now our sleep is more dearer than any festival. Am happy am gonna relive those childhood days with my son now :)

12th January 2010

5:08pm: My penguin son!! ;)
My son, now in his 6th month, learnt to move around in the baby walker yesterday!! Now he slides to every corner like a penguin :) He stretches his hands horizontal to the ground and comes zooming if you call him or show his toys. And the best thing is he enjoys it soo much. I was surprised to see him push his feet behind with such great force, slide for a distance and then bring them back front and push again, he mastered the art of his first steps inside the walker so well and within 2 days of we putting him into it!!! :) Am sitting in office and the same visual comes in front of me making me want to rush home. He has learnt many new activities all these days; He tosses over, he laughs loudly if i pretend to sneeze in front of him, he stretches his hand to ask his dad to lift him n all but this was the dearest one for me. I had a weird feeling yesterday night while sleeping, I was happy he learnt a new thing but at the same time nostalgic that he was growing so soon! :)

22nd December 2009

11:40am: Transition...
Sitting in same office building, same cubicle doing the same work under the same manager. But one fine day you come in the morning to see the board in front of the office has been changed to different name altogether.
We are part of a different company now which was our competitor earlier!! Its sad to see a 200year old company coming to an end like this. Even the Roman empire had to fall, thats how the world is may be, everything has to reach an end someday!!

8th December 2009

4:00pm: Am finally back to office, back to blore, back on internet after a loooong break of 4.5 months :) Its mixed feeling though, I feel awful to leave my lil son behind at home and come to office so soon and at same time I feel so energetic and fresh in office environment :)
Here'z how my lil prince Tarun looks in his 4th month...

25th November 2008

4:01pm: jealous family!! ;)
My dad used to be jealous when we both gals grew up more close to mom! My mom started getting jealous when we sisters became more close to each other. My sister used to be so jealous when i got close to my husband.
I used to wonder why??!!!!!
Now when my sister is getting close to her fiancé, am so jealous!! But i still wonder why??!! :)

17th November 2008

6:42pm: Trek to siddara betta ...
From our team in office, we had been to trek this week to Siddara betta near tumkur.
It was amazing experience, starting from steps we trekked rocks, bushes n caves to hike till the hill top!! I was surprised even i made it till the top, though i had given up in the first 15mins itself and was pulled by others to continue ;) Am glad i continued challenging myself... After we cover some half way we get a temple inside a cave and there is some medicinal water coming out of a small area. Its some ritual, where they will make you sit and pour out 3 buckets of water on you continuously!! My god, it will be such a chilling water. After a tiring trek for one hour, this was heavenly :) And then we continued our journey with water dripping from our clothes into the caves.
The caves are vast and for almost an hour we had to crawl, jump and cross across the tough routes in between the rocks. That was the best part!!! It was dark and suddenly we used to get surprises like small lovely water streams, the natural swings formed of tree creepers, small rays of sunlight penetrating from holes between the rocks etc...
After the caves was trekking to the hilltop for another half an hour. Since we were so exhausted, some of us were cribbing why shud we go till the top just to see some big rock. But after we reached there is when I realized the beauty of it. Vast rock, calm breeze, experience of that solitude even when in group, exotic views!!! You just have to lie down there on the plain rocks and stare at the sky!! :)

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1st October 2008

1:07pm: One of those days i love!! Its the day after my vehicle is serviced :) Its a rare event which happens once or twice in a year!! Its such smooth ride, with great pickup, the breaks tight n intact, no sounds of broken backgaurd from behind, mirrors are no longer 'revolving' but are tight and i can seriously see the vehicles attacking me from behind, no jitter while riding(i mean no jerks, free flow of petrol. 'Jitter' was bcoz i just came out of a session on 'Qos in VOIP' :P ) and most importantly its so clean!!! Usually at any parking, if there's any award for the most dirty 2-wheeler my bike is surely a clear winner ;) How much i have repented for having bought a black activa rebelling against all advices.

29th September 2008

1:28pm: Fresh grads.. once again...
Am soo envious when i see freshers having fun in office, bday parties, trips and all those things they do in group!! Am more jealous may be because when i joined as a fresher i chose to join a small startup company and i was all alone!! My team treated me like a matured kid ;) It was nice environment to learn and work but not fun at all :( I used to listen to all the stories from my friends in other companies who had those big group of new comers selected from all colleges around. Now when i see such groups around, am too "old" to join them where they treat me so formally :) My cribbing started when i met this fresher girl of my team wiping all the cake on her face in the rest room after a secret bday bash they had in the basement.

23rd September 2008

1:21pm: Doctors are so rude!!
Its sad that Doctors these days behave so rudely! :( They think they are Gods and they can do anything they want and nobody will question them!!
My Mother in law met with a small accident and had a bad swelling in the head. So we had to head to Nimhans at 8 in the night and had such tough time till midnight 12:30 because of the 2 doctors there. It was no mistake of ours but went through torturous 4.5 hours in that big hall of the emergency ward. They just examined the wound and concluded that swelling was just a clot and not harmful. They dint heed to our pleading to do a scanning but instead made us wait for 4 hours to just prepare a report and discharge. Whenever we approached to get the report they used to shout with high raised voice that they have many emergency patients to visit and they will call us when they are free. He used to even shout "Are you some ministers son or Lords that you make so much urgency??", "If you ask me one more time, i will make you wait forever there", "I will call you whenever i feel like, you cannot force me to discharge you". What the hell, he could have just signed the report and sent us in all this time he took to shout!! We were just sitting there idle looking at all those emergency accident patients in trauma in that big hall for so many hours!!
C went to the extent of teaching him professionalism and got bashed badly and he started abusing in bad words n all :( Atlast he took revenge by writing in report, the patient has been discharged in the own risk of her son and he took sign on that too!! and we had ride back home in bikes for about 20 kms in that chilling night at 1am :(
It was so unfortunate to see Doctors whom we all place at such high regards behave so badly!!
Update: MIL is doing fine, she declared that our Bangalore is very irritating and went back to Mysore and got her scanning done. There was no danger thankfully.

17th September 2008

4:13pm: This new maid
Its my new maid in new house. Its just a week and daily she has one or the other thing to ask at the end of the work. She was selected among many prospective applicants only bcoz she looked very innocent, silent n a lil dumb types actually ;) Also special consideration was given bcoz she was a kannadiga, it gets really tough to communicate otherwise. I have had some bad experiences with old maid who used to dominate me and I used to get scared to talk to her also!! Okie, coming back to this silent new maid's silent demands. She will ask them with such a mellowed voice that you feel pity on her but i dont like people who "ask". I will give them most of the time without they asking actually. But she dint gimme time at all, she started from Day 1 itself to "ask" which irritates me!!

Day 1: Can you make me some tea (Tea maaDkoDthiraa swalpaa...)
Day 2: If you have some old sarees of yours please give me. (nimdhu yaavdaadru haLe seere idhre koDthiraaa)
Day 3: You can give me the remaining food if any. (Enaadru aDige uLidre nange koDi)
Day 4: My sandals have worn out, give me some of your old ones. (She had seen a big box of my sandals lying outside yet to be arranged)
Day 5: Eying my big Kurkure pack on the sofa, she goes 'Give my children something to eat' (MakkaLige thinnokke enaadru idhre koDthiraaa)
Day 6: I have to attend a wedding today, can you give me 100rs!! (Noor rupaayi idhre koDthiraaa, ivathu ondh madhve ge hogbekithuuu)

The biggest problem is I cant say a NO easily :( I have given most of it she has asked till now and am thinking may be that is what is encouraging her to ask more. Now everyday by the time she finishes work, i feel like hiding somewhere to escape from her demands ;) One day i called up mom n sat on phone too, but still she disturbs me in between the conversation and asks!! Now this is heights!!

11th September 2008

2:16pm: Reading!!
These days am reading, nothing but just reading, reading anything and everything!! I get up in the morning and read the newspaper for half an hour. Come to office and read project related docs, C++ books, and many more googled pages for the project yet to start. I read so many blogs randomly. I go to friend's friends lists and pick randomly and get lost reading them for hours together. I check sampada, wordpress etc for those innumerable kannada blogs and feel very touched reading them... I get back home and continue the newspaper again for more than an hour!!! After cooking again i sit with all those random novels lying at home which i hadnt touched for so many years!! If i switch on the laptop also, i get on to reading something or the other. Since there's no tv connection at new home yet, i go to sleep also with some book in hand.

19th August 2008

4:12pm: Rejection :(
Got rejected once again!!! This is the 3 rd time in the span of 5 years!! I rush to the spot first, every time i get to know it is happening anywhere around me. I was genuinely trying again but in vain :((

Its Blood donation!! They reject me saying low hemoglobin every time :( This time i even asked the lady how did she conclude its low. She showed me the bottle of some liquid into which she drops the blood, if hemoglobin is higher than some 12, the blood will go n settle down in the bottom as soon as it is dropped. My blood drop was floating araam se in the middle taking its own time to settle down!! It was just lazy like me i guess, but just for having lazy blood, i was rejected from donating yet again :(

14th August 2008

3:26pm: Dream!!! Ohh thank god :)
The best feeling is when you have the worst dream in the night and atlast wake up realizing it was just a dream and not actually happening in real!!! Ohh god ,what a relief it is...

11th August 2008

12:12pm: 08-08-08 :)
This year, my birthday fell on 08-08-08!! Nice pattern indeed and I also read its the symbol of infinite luck! wow:) The day was indeed special with many surprises from family and friends.

7th August 2008

11:29am: The horrible traffic :(
This Hosur road traffic after silk board junction is surely going to take the life out of me soon. That too when you are on a 2 wheeler in between all those trucks, buses and cars, uhhfff, its really a risk for life!! Its no less than a maze game to go zig zag between the big vehicles, sometimes having to make hard decision whether to take the service road or stay on the main road, where many a times you think you made a wise choice to have taken the one which was empty for a while but repent and feel like yelling at god when the same road gets blocked indefinitely and the main road guys keep moving ahead of you. The major problem with this hosur road is that there are many gaps between main road and service road which forces people to keep choosing between the two and disturbing the flow. When you dont get the rightmost or leftmost lane and get stuck at the center of the road in between the cars n buses and if you are a little slow, they over take you in such zoom from either side that you feel like you are gonna become a sandwich between them!! :( With the slow moving traffic,with your legs down n hands on the break all the time, you get hit from behind when you need to apply sudden breaks and everytime that happens i feel my soul jumps out of my body and reunites again!!! It takes more than half an hour to cross just 3-5kms of this road :(
And the thing which irritates me the most is the flyover construction which blocks right turn for 2-3 kms. And i need to travel 1.5km ahead to take a U turn n back 1.5 km unnecessarily to reach my office :(( Am soo fed up, today after reaching this road i was re-thinking should i take a turn and go back home instead of fighting through this jam and reaching office.

5th August 2008

2:53pm: Fresh grads in office....
There is this bunch of new freshers/just out of college kids(ya, i call them kids because i feel very old already ;)) in office. I tell you, how much i envy their enthusiasm, energy and excitement!!! They are almost 30 in number and they are scattered in groups everywhere, chit chatting in lobby, in cafeteria, near their cubicles n almost everywhere. They have this zeal in their eyes like they have accomplished a high profile software job in this prestigious multi national compnay which pays much more than they would have wished for and looking forward to be applying all those skills learnt in college at work!! They come out of some basic networking training sessions discussing what is a subnet or what is a class A address!! They have these 'n' number of doubts which when they write it down and come to us seeking answer, i feel like explaining them this hard truth that 'in the software industry culture nobody believes in discussing/querying what you dont know and exhibiting your ignorance, you just go and hit 'google.com' like a silent coward'!!! Some of them even address we seniors as sir and mam and it seems so wierd when we call even the 60 year old Managing Director by name!!! They are excited for every damn thing which falls into 'no big deal' category for us. But i love that, i like the way they enjoy this transition from college life to professional life. And how i wish those 3 E's(enthusiasm, energy and excitement) could be retained in this software industry after a year or so alsoo!! :(

15th July 2008

4:59pm: :))
With those myriad chats for so many years, its obvious to get addicted to smileys at end of the sentences. My full-stops are automatically replaced with smileys:) But the extreme was when the personal cards of my Wedding Invitation were also affected by this addiction!! They were printed with a big smiley at the end of those customized words I had written, that too with increased font, bold highlighting and made to appear in one single line by itself!!!(like this: :)))
It had invited soo many comments ;) It surely looked like a software engineers wedding card!!! I just saw this card lying in my office drawer, and had a big smile recollecting the 'story behind the smiley' :-)
It goes like this. I had constructed those special words in notepad of my PC in office. So obviously while typing, that big smiley creeped at the end of my lines. Lazy to write down in a paper, i took the print out from the notepad and sent it through sister to mysore to give it to dad for printing them into my wedding cards. With a warning, that exactly the same way it should be copied into the card as I was scared my dad will change something and spoil my cards. The print person had even asked dad if he can remove that smiley in btw it seems but my dad scared of me, ordered him to just replicate whatever is there in the sheet to the cards :)) And there you go, that smiley inscribed in those cards for me to see for my lifetime and laugh at myself...

4th July 2008

2:02pm: My Nokia Mob is dead...
Today morning all of a sudden my mobile was dead!!! It dint fall, it was not even near water but it just gave up silently :( When i try to switch on, light appears and "NOKIA" thing is displayed but it doesnt go any further to boot up!!! Its stays in that state forever, even after i remove battery and boot again, same state. I tried shaking it hard, even striking against my head to wake it up, but in vain ;)
Now after lunch, i went to the nearest Nokia service center to find the shop is shifted to some other place :(
Anyone has faced similar problem? Any suggestions??

UPDATE: I gave it to the nokia service centre and after some analysis they reported that LCD is gone!!! I really dont understand.. when the screen was showing lights and even "NOKIA" display, how can it be LCD problem. And then she gave me a bill of 2000rs along with a warning 'The service does not have any guarantee'!! :O Does that mean, i can expect it to crash again anytime soon?! And that too it will take a week for repair! :((

FURTHER UPDATE: I get call from them on Monday morning(i gave it on friday eve)saying the mobile is ready and i can collect it. I was surprised how come its ready withing a day when they said 7 days initially! When i collect it, they say 'Bootup IC' had gone and they have replaced that. And it costed 575rs(275 for IC and 300 service charges!!) I pick it up and put my battery to see the display on top is flickering :( I went back again and dumped it with them. Its so frustrating, that these service center people first of all cannot diagnose properly the problem and even when they repair its faulty. I felt it was better i gave it to some dealers who had told me he will get it repaired in half a day for just 250 rs. I dint want to trust the non-authorized dealers and went into service center and this is what happens...

26th June 2008

6:06pm: Helloo sir ... ;)
Each time i pick up a call centre/customer-care call from office(which is the only thing which makes my mobile vibrate these days!! ;)), they stumble for a while to decide what to address me as, and after some hard analysis of my "helloo" they end up saying "Hello sir, this is....". Ohhhh god, not again!!! But i really don't care to correct them, when i know it really doesn't matter to them unless am interested in listening to their rattle. I just end the call saying 'am not interested'.
I know of course that my voice is different and far from typical girlish voice. Actually I had a small fan following for my voice in college too, my autograph book was by default filled by all guys with a 'you have a sexy husky voice' :) I used to enjoy that compliment then but now its a little irritating when these stupid call center people address me like that!!

17th June 2008

3:13pm: Am in love with this song right now!!!
Its in a loop getting played for the whole day!! :)

10:48am: When you have choices to select your life partner, is it better to choose the one in the same profession as yours???!! Does this really matter??

9th June 2008

11:28am: One more blunder from me!!! :)
It was long pending plan for tirupati visit with both our families after our wedding and when my dad said he will book some kstdc package, i claimed aptdc package is better and took all the responsibility to book it. 20 days before the trip itself, i browsed online, collected all details about package and booked it through an agent for 8 tickets which included his parents, my parents and both our sisters. As soon as C heard 'agent' he was a lil worried and he insisted we will go to office and collect tickets ourselves. But i convinced that he will do home delivery, so its araam and i was proud of myself when i accomplished the tickets at the door the next day i booked it itself!! I had booked it for saturday darshana, leave on friday evening and darshanam saturday early morning 5:30 and be back in bangalore by sat evening 5! Ok everything was perfect and done, I kept the tickets safely till the day arrived.

That Friday morning, we both discussed we need to call up aptdc and confirm the tickets once but in hurry to go to office, dint do it. His parents, sister n neice arrived friday afternoon from Mysore and me like a goodie bahu had cooked everything for them n had come to office. My parents n siter were on the way from Mysore to Bangalore.. We both came back from office early and The bus was at 7, we called the aptdc counter at around 4 to hear from them that no such booking was there in my name for the day!!!!! I was scared like hell now. I felt like i was on spotlight all of a sudden and everyone staring at me with a look!! I found myself very irresponsible, i couldnt face anyone for sometimes!! For half an hour we both were calling every other number we had. We ask the agent and his travels office, they all say its booked. We talk to aptdc, they talk very confused and say give us 5 mins, we will call you back and confirm. This happens many times and we both start cribbing 'Ayyo we should have called in the morning atleast'!!

After sometime we get a call from aptdc ppl who confirm our tickets were booked for sunday darshanam and sat travel!! Uhfff... What the hell, i shout at the agent now, i had asked you to book for saturday. He goes, yes mam we have booked for saturday travel only! Check the dates on the tickets!!! Ohhh god, that was such a blunder from my side, the i was soo overconfident, not to check the dates on the ticket properly!!!! For my mistake i put everyone to trouble. My sister had an important class on sunday which she couldnt miss at all. I called up dad and they were almost reaching blore and i told them about the mess!! He was like ohhhh shucksss, what have you done. Sis was not ready to miss her classes and she had to go back on saturday and we had to sell that ticket for some loss!!

All done, a lesson learnt from me!! Trust the agents but never trust yourself!! ;) Dont forget to cross check all the details before you book and after you collect the tickets also :)

6th June 2008

2:08pm: same pattern of dream??
I wonder, what is it with this typical dream of you being late to some exam by some hours and you are tensed like hell!!!! I have got this pattern dreams 'n' number of times already and i got one today also!! And i know many people who get that same dream irrespective of their age!!
Yesterdays night's one was amazing, it was so clear and amazing mix of characters!! :)

I had 2 exams on same day, English and Maths. English it was 'harry potter' text book!!! (i really donno why harry potter of all the things, i ve never read any of his books nor follower of those movies!!) In my dream i have not at all prepared for the exam but i was getting ready! Its the same house i lived during my primary school days!! Siddhartha nagar house in Mysore, it was a clear picture!! It was nearly 11 and I suddenly check my time table to see the exam is at 10 and i was still at home!!! Then i tell my mom n run out of the house to catch an auto. Am fully tensed(my heart was really beating loud in my sleep) and i decide to call up P to tell that am late!! (P is my manager here in office!!, i donno why he was casted as my school teacher now!) I call him up 2-3 times but he doesnt pick the call, then i assume he will be in exam hall as a invigilator and he wouldn't pick my call. I stop so many auto, running on the road but nobody stops. Those sidhartha nagar roads were so clearly picturized with that jss school to the side and one hospital at end!! (Its been almost more than 15 years i have left that place and i have not visited it after that at all!!!) On the way i meet a friend of mine V (who is actually my engineering classmate) and ask her why is she not in for exam, she says english is not her subject, so she doesnt have exams today!! I reach auto stand and beg all the auto guys but none oblige. Then i see one more teacher of school and ask him 'what to do am late'.(Actually hez test manager here in office with whom i have never interacted till date!!) He says, you still have sometime left, just go and write to get passing marks atleast and i see S also around there(this S was a colleague in my previous company) Thats it am almost in tears and i wanted to shout loud or cryy loudd for help. I was totally helpless and was tensed like hell!! Such a horrible experience that is...

Suddenly my phone rings from somewhere and i open my eyes with great difficulty and see mom calling!!! I was sooooo glad it was a dreeeeaaam!!! I cant express that relief you get, that its all over, no tension, it was just a dream. uhffff... I cut her call n get up to see its already 8:45am and C is already getting ready to go to office. He dint want to disturb my sleep, so he was silently getting ready!! I scolded him for not waking me up and with a heavy head was sitting lazily recollecting my dream and wondering why do i get the same pattern of dream:)

29th May 2008

1:21pm: Disaster with oil !! :(
I missed being with amma so much today morning :(((
I was all late to office since our maid came late today and i had to wait for her to go n then go for bath. Came out of bath and was so damn hungry, the after effects of aerobics in morning. So rushed direct to kitchen and found that in morning i had poured all the oats(with lots of love ;)) to C who left early to office and there was nothing left in the pack :(( These days our daily bfast is oats n milk) Though there was some palya i had prepared for his lunch box, had no energy to make chapathis for it.. Then i remembered i had got cornflakes from food world long back and had kept in that big steel box of rice. So went ahead to pull that big box from behind. It was covered with mixer, rice cooker and that 'evil' can of cooking oil in the front. I was carefully pulling it but still the can took some revenge on me by falling on floor, making no sound, and just pouring out itself!!! The entire kitchen floor was full of oil :((( It was almost one litre oil, and alomost 3/4th can was poured out!!! I felt like shouting loud, cry out for help or atleast scold someone for it!! but nobody in house. The hunger was overshadowed by all these mixed emotions now. But there was no use getting frustrated, nobody gonna help now, i have to clean the entire mess, no way out.
I got reminded how mom never used to fuss how much ever we mess her kitchen. Even when such disasters used to occur, she used to manage all by herself and i dont remember we daughters offering her any help or even show some sympathy also!!! I now can empathize with her so much... There were 2 drops of tears now, which fell into that messy oil and i went ahead to cleaning it!!!
Its always true that you know the value of someone only when you are away from them!! (Darsh this line is dedicated for you, you know why ;))

27th May 2008

1:29pm: A blunder from past :)
I got reminded of a blunder i had committed in my previous company. I was a fresher and it was my first project i guess. So i was supposed to do some simple thing like file transfer using the communication model of that product. I wanted to try with a huge file and transfer big chunks across. With just that honest intention i was searching for a huge text file in my local database. Since i had recently got the computer in office, i dint have much stuff in it. But found a Harry Potter book, latest series which i had downloaded from a forward sent by a friend!!! Am not a harry potter reader, so i dint know which series it was and i hadn't even opened it then. I prepared a .txt file out of the content and happily started my file transfer:) That was supposed to be one of the unit test cases, so i included this text file also into my directory and checked in the code to the repository. Thats it, my task was done and i went araam se to Mysore for weekend as usual.

I come fresh on Monday morning to office and i see from far all hulla gulla near my desk. My manager was all smiling looking at me from far only. I slowly stepped in surprised at that smile and few stares here n there!! Everyone around, she asked me : "what madam, what have you checked in on friday evening?" Still innocent, i told her i checked in that test case. She bursted laughing saying you have checked in the latest "unreleased" pirated copy of harry potter book!!! And some US managers who were packaging the product for some customer found that book and were surprised, how did pirated harry potter squeeze into IOC(the product)!!! They had sent mail to higher management making this a big legal issue and the higher ups had mailed my manager, asking who is this stupid girl who has done this check-in?!!!! I was in a complete shock to hear that my innocent trial was such a big legal blunder!!! I couldn't believe it had spread in that small office like a wild rumour!! Thank goodness, my manager was a sweet lady and she said not to worry and she will handle...
That day was superb, with full recognition to me :P Every other person who met me used to ask 'you checked-in harry potter it seems, hehehe' I wanted to run away and hide somewhere.
Now when i remember that day, it seems so funny.
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